Water Technology Group is a company dedicated in the research and development of technology, equipment and products that use pure water to achieve following unique objectives: 

    1) The research and development of SAW Super Alkaline Water Generators that can help to improve the health of Mother Earth by reducing the use of hazardous chemicals and surface active agents that are causing serious water pollution with less use of water for cleaning, less pollution and less energy being used for waste water treatment.

    2) The promotion of SAW related products and applications, helping to build a cleaner and healthier environment.

    3) The research and development of HRW Hydrogen Rich Water Generators and Cups which can help to improve human health as an effective antioxidant for reducing free radicals that are causing ageing and many health problems.

    Our vision is to promote a revolutionary concept of using pure water not only to enhance our body metabolism with less use of medicines but also use less chemicals and detergents in cleaning with less use of water, less pollution and less use of energy for waste water treatment. We also will explore and promote the many new applications of SAW.

    We are the developer, promoter and distributor of "Super Hydro” SAW generators and HRW generators and cups with latest advanced technology. We also are the leading promoter of SAW for cleaning, sanitising and deodorising with wide range of new applications with huge market potential.

    We are working closely in developing and supplying the best equipment and products at market acceptable pricing to enhance the growing demand.

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