• Pure water cleaner reducing the use of hazardous chemicals and surface active agents, enabling the use of less water in cleaning, less health hazard, less pollution, less waste water and less energy being used for waste water treatment.
  • Versatile pure water cleaner with no health hazard, effective in reducing pesticides and fertilizers on fruits and vegetables, preserving freshness of meat and seafood after cleaning.
  • Eco cleaner with effective degreasing, deodourizing, anti-corrosive and anti-static charge properties with reduction in environmental problems for many industries.
  • pH12.5 SAW is very effective in killing germs and bacteria and can kill E. coli and S. choleraesuis within 30 seconds. New pH 13.6 SAW can also kill tough S. aureus within 30 seconds. It is expected that SAW will be more widely used in medical and healthcare to reduce the use of hazardous chemical sanitizers, bleaches and alcohol for cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Help to solve the problem and damage caused by acid rain in agriculture and aquaculture.
  • SAW with cleaning, deodourizing and virus killing and preventing abilities, is becoming to be widely used in farming. Low pH SAW as drinking water for animals, can improve the effectiveness of animal feed for better quality and productivity.

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